The Artist

Artist Iqra Ali has always been fond of crafting, creating and learning new art techniques from a very young age. Although her academic background was far different to anything she does now, she always partook in projects that combined her love of art, science and learning.

The Brand

Ramadan is a blessed and holy month for Muslims, and every year during this month, millions of people around the world wake up before dawn to eat, before completing a day long fast. As this holy month comes to an end, Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, welcoming the next Islamic month, Shawaal. In recent years, Iqra found that there was very little out there to inspire Muslims when it came to celebrating Eid in the West. Like many other muslims, Iqra couldn't find any decorations that were good quality, long lasting, and special enough to keep for years on, and so this inspired her to do something about it. Thus, in 2016 Lunar Celebrations was established! 

Lunar Celebrations has the goal to inspire children and adults alike, to search for the simple blessings of Ramadan, and to surround themselves with its wholesomeness and positivity. Each decorative piece is hand painted with love, and sent to a new family with the hope of creating new traditions that are filled with joy and spirituality.